Corning 康宁 细胞培养类耗材 4401 96孔排管,1.2ml单管,无框架,未灭菌,PP(聚丙烯)材质,960个/包

英文名:Corning 4401 Polypropylene 96-Well Cluster Tube without Rack, 1.2mL Well Volume



品牌: Equl

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 Corning 康宁 细胞培养类耗材 4401 96孔排管,1.2ml单管,无框架,独立包装,未灭菌,PP(聚丙烯)材质,960个/包,1包/箱 960个/包 1包/箱 箱

This Corning 96-Well non-sterile cluster tube in individual tube format without a rack is composed of 96 individual polypropylene tubes that are designed to fit in a standard 96 well microplate format. Each cluster tube has a 1.2mL well volume. Does not include rack. Polyethylene tube caps are available separately in 8-cap strips. Packaged 960 tubes per bag. Non-Sterile. Individual Tube Format. Lid Not Included. Rack Not Included. Material: Polypropylene. Plate Format: 96 Well Cluster Tube. Plate Feature: Individual 1.2mL Tubes. Well Bottom: Round. Well Bottom Color: Translucent. Well Shape: Round. Recommended Working Volume: Up To 1mL. Surface Treatment: Not Treated. Corning #: 4401.